Is CISSP out of touch with modern information security?


“An issue for the industry, and for (ISC)2 in general, is that the membership may be seen as middle aged and out of touch.”

(Interview with Wim Remes & Dave Lewis, (ISC)2 Board Members)

Host Unknown disagrees.

To us, the CISSP has always been for people of varied backgrounds and skills, and like a good pair of flared corduroys, has never really gone out of fashion. Yet how could we demonstrate it’s appeal with the infosec practitioners around the world, let alone (ISC)2, and show that not only can you save the world with a CISSP but you also get the girl (or boy)? We turned to the learned works of Mr Cent (50) for inspiration, and in conversation over the giant mimosa we were sharing he said to us

“Forget all the CIA talk – you gots to get real on this CISSP shizzle”

Wise words indeed Mr The Cent.

Just as the A-Team makes an escape vehicle when trapped in a drug overlords shed, Host Unknown produces its best work when under pressure and locked in a panic room. Three weeks later, we present to you our answer to the CISSP being “out of touch”.

RSA Europe on the cheap, Host Unknown style

Unknown-1When we asked Javvad and Thom for their report from RSA Europe two months ago, they mumbled something about “Amsterdam has it now” and handed us their expenses (which were interesting to say the least). We left it at that; it’s not like we came to expect anything else from these people.

However, we received a package from the Dutch authorities with an evidence bag and a memory stick (along with a few other items that no amount of therapy will help us forget). Thankfully we don’t read Dutch, but we are pretty sure the phrase “Bewaar deze idioten van ons land in de toekomst” is not a good one.

How Andrew avoided being a part of this debacle defies explanation.

The memory stick did however contain their report. What can we say, it certainly wasn’t worth the expenses they filed.

RSA Europe has them now, part 2: dirty clothing causes problems

Following on from last weeks post, our legal team flagged this message to us. As such we are once again forced to reissue our statement that the actions of these individuals does not represent the views or opinions of Host Unknown.

HU RSA teaser 02Stay tuned for their full report on their time in Amsterdam, because they really do have some explaining to do.

The Hotly Anticipated @44CON Video (unfortunately)

Never let it be said that HostUnknown doesn’t listen to its presenters (or more accurately their legally appointed representatives who threatened to pull our arms off and beat us with the soggy ends). Our last post closed by stating we would absolutely not be releasing this video on Friday, so we are pleased to announce the release of it today, Thursday.

Now that the “legal representatives” have left our offices, we think it only fair to point out that in our opinion all of the participants in this film far outshine Mr Malik, Mr Agnes & Mr Langford (including the flying drone). We hope you all enjoy it.

Please do not encourage, poke or feed our presenters as we are building our legal case against them which may well result in us being able to get some real professionals for future episodes.