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Host Unknown is the unholy alliance of the old, the new and the rockstars of the infosec industry in an internet-based show that tries to care about issues in our industry. It regularly fails.

With presenters that have an inflated opinion of their own worth and a production team with a pathological dislike of them (or “meat puppets” as it often refers to them),  it is with a combination of luck and utter lack of good judgement that a show is ever produced and released.

Host Unknown is available for sponsorship, conferences, other web shows or indeed anything that pays a little bit of money to keep the debt collectors away. You can contact them at contact@hostunknown.tv for details, or click on “Contact Us” above and pledge money. We promise you will only be mildly disappointed.

Javvad “the man, the myth, the legend” Malik

Javvad malik

Javvad is the sole founder of Host Unknown and a legend in his own lunchtime, clearly suffering from a Napoleonic complex of massive proportions.

A subscriber to the “shout loudest and longest” theory of management and creativity Javvad has carved a niche for himself in the infosec industry envied by both of his ardent fans.

Never shy in front of the camera Javvad hides his eating disorders with thicker beards and tighter t shirts.

Andrew “what?”Agnes

Andrew Agnes

Andrew is the sole founder of Host Unknown and employed by a very respectable global company that obviously doesn’t know how to do Google searches on it’s employees.

With a strong case of ADHD combined with undiagnosed Diogenes syndrome Andrew presents a unique figure in the industry. Surprisingly young, yet with… old fashioned… views on the industry and its trade shows, Andrew is never afraid to speak his mind.

Unfortunately his mind is never quite ready.

Thom “old man” Langford

Thom Langford

Thom is the sole founder of Host Unknown, and It is said by Andrew and Javvad that he is so old Thom’s bones are half dust; this is not quite true but the pinnacle of his technical knowledge is NT3.51 with Exchange 4.0 and when IPX/SPX was a popular networking protocol that Thom would instal on 10Base5 using vampire taps.

No, we don’t know what that means either.

A stickler for doing things right, Thom’s inability to read between the lines (he only reads the actual lines) means he is regularly reading the manual while others have already microwaved their dinner.

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