Is CISSP out of touch with modern information security?


“An issue for the industry, and for (ISC)2 in general, is that the membership may be seen as middle aged and out of touch.”

(Interview with Wim Remes & Dave Lewis, (ISC)2 Board Members)

Host Unknown disagrees.

To us, the CISSP has always been for people of varied backgrounds and skills, and like a good pair of flared corduroys, has never really gone out of fashion. Yet how could we demonstrate it’s appeal with the infosec practitioners around the world, let alone (ISC)2, and show that not only can you save the world with a CISSP but you also get the girl (or boy)? We turned to the learned works of Mr Cent (50) for inspiration, and in conversation over the giant mimosa we were sharing he said to us

“Forget all the CIA talk – you gots to get real on this CISSP shizzle”

Wise words indeed Mr The Cent.

Just as the A-Team makes an escape vehicle when trapped in a drug overlords shed, Host Unknown produces its best work when under pressure and locked in a panic room. Three weeks later, we present to you our answer to the CISSP being “out of touch”.

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