Exclusive Behind The Scenes Footage of “Lost all the Money” Video

Another Press Release

September 20th 2019

In a coup for Host Unknown, an exclusive behind the scenes film has been made by renowned documentary filmmaker Charlie “Chaz” Langford (no relation to Host Unknown sole founder Thom Langford), giving a warts and all view of exactly what it takes to get three middle-aged men to dance and sing without losing their balance or control of major bodily functions.

The film explores the real reason why three music videos have been made, and how the magical dynamic between the trio works. The creative process is laid bare, as the documentary explores each of the member’s incentives and passion for the information security craft and how they bring their unique stance to a tired and staid industry.

Andrew, the Sole Founder of Host Unknown gives a never before look into the makeup artists role in his on-screen appearances, while Javad (Sole Founder) shares his desire for a better world through (his) charitable work.

One key sequence shows two of the trio searching for some hard to find relief, a perfect allegory for their yearning desire to find the perfect golden opportunity to release their pent up creative powers in a torrent of memes, tropes and inevitable stereotypes to further pollinate a sometimes dull and witless industry.

In all, the viewer is left in thrall to the visionary prowess of these three gentlemen, and is left asking themselves, “when is the next one coming out?”.

The Hotly Anticipated @44CON Video (unfortunately)

Never let it be said that HostUnknown doesn’t listen to its presenters (or more accurately their legally appointed representatives who threatened to pull our arms off and beat us with the soggy ends). Our last post closed by stating we would absolutely not be releasing this video on Friday, so we are pleased to announce the release of it today, Thursday.

Now that the “legal representatives” have left our offices, we think it only fair to point out that in our opinion all of the participants in this film far outshine Mr Malik, Mr Agnes & Mr Langford (including the flying drone). We hope you all enjoy it.

Please do not encourage, poke or feed our presenters as we are building our legal case against them which may well result in us being able to get some real professionals for future episodes.