Host Unknown brings a touch of class to RANT Conference 2014

cropped-header-rantIt has been a long time since our last post, but that is not because we have been sitting on our hardy’s; no, in fact we have been hard at work trying to ensure our unique brand of information security awareness goes to those that most deserve it. Host Unknown is known for it’s philanthropic endeavours, keeping at least three people and their families off the street amongst many other charitable causes that we don’t like to talk about in public, and so it came as no surprise when we were approached by Acumin to help with their latest conference.

The fledgling RANT Conference, only in it’s second year this year and running on the 12th June, has asked Host Unknown to play a keynote role to ensure the conference gets as much coverage and as many attendees as possible. How could we refuse? We are very pleased to place their logo on our site, and ours on theirs (although we expect our traffic to drive to their site considerably more than the other way around of course).

As part of the negotiations we also have a booth at the conference in order to help bring a touch of respectability to it. We will be signing autographs and allowing photographs AND selfies to be taken with our presenters. We hope to bring a touch of class and respectability to the vendor area that is often easily lost at these kinds of events.

Details of our primary keynote role will be published shortly, and whilst we know many of you will be attending the RANT Conference in order to simply meet and be with Host Unknown, we are fairly confident you will also get at least some benefit from the other sessions and speakers.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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