New Host Unknown Music Video shines spotlight on phishing attacks

Press Release

11 September 2019

Host Unknown, the undisputed global leader in information-security based videos made by three random men based out of London has delighted fans with its eagerly-awaited third song.

Already an established acting team, the group rose up the musical charts with their hit single in 2014, “I’m a C I Double S P“, and was followed up by 2016’s “Accepted the Risk”.

The trio’s latest video, ‘Lost all the money‘ a parody of Nelly’s Ride Wit Me is expected to be a huge hit, with one insider telling us off the record that YouTube may need to increase their bandwidth just to accommodate the rush of expected views.

Sole founder Thom Langford explained the challenges that come with a third song. “There are a lot of expectations with a third song. You have people wondering if the first two songs were just lucky flukes. So, I won’t lie, there was a lot of pressure, both externally and internally. But this is the moment that almost two decades of being a CISO prepared me for.”

Adding his views, sole founder Andrew Agnês said, “People recognise that I’m the creative bulldozer behind the songs. I locked myself away in the recording studio for weeks to nail this, because if I hadn’t nobody would have.”

Sole founder Javvad Malik was unavailable to comment as he was on holiday at the time of writing, but he did send his love and appreciation for all of his fans.

None of the supergroup’s sole founders would respond to comments about being snubbed twice by the Pwnie Awards.

Watch the full music video: Lost all the Money

About Host Unknown

Host Unknown is an information security educational / entertainment group from London, England. It was the pioneer and most significant popularisers of Infosec-Rap and is widely considered one of the seminal groups (based in London) in the history of information security. The group has endured controversy owing to their lyrics which many security managers viewed as being disrespectful of their trade, as well as its glorification of certifications and risk management. The group was subsequently banned from many IRC and sub-Reddit channels. In spite of this, the group has amassed a huge and loyal following.

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