Not even a global pandemic can keep Host Unknown down: New song, music to the ears of video callers everywhere

Press Release

24th May 2021

Host Unknown, the undisputed global leader in information-security based videos made by three random men based mostly out of London has gained critical acclaim with its latest song created during lockdown.

Already an established acting team, the group rose up the musical charts with their hit single in 2014, “I’m a C I Double S P“, this was followed up by 2016’s “Accepted the Risk”, and subsequently by 2019’s “Lost All the Money”.

The trio’s latest video, ‘The Zoom Song‘ is an original track inspired by hip hop artists of yesteryear. But beyond the smooth lyrics, is a message which resonates with anyone that has been trapped on endless video calls and virtual events over the last year.

Sole Founder Javvad Malik explained why making this song at this time was so important. “People everywhere are struggling. The boundary between home and work has been completely eradicated and someone needed to shine a light on it. After Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas”, I believe this is the most important song of our generation.

Adding his views, sole founder Thom Langford said, “I am all about giving people what they want and what they need. This song is exactly what they need, and I got to deliver it without being in the same room as these other two.  I call that a win-win”.

Sole Founder Andrew Agnês added, “Slipping the animator £20 to make me look slimmer was the best money I spent all year.”

Watch the full music video: The Zoom Song

About Host Unknown

Host Unknown is an information security educational / entertainment group from London, England. It was the pioneer and most significant popularisers of Infosec-Rap and is widely considered one of the seminal groups (based in London) in the history of information security. The group has endured controversy owing to their lyrics which many security managers viewed as being disrespectful of their trade, as well as its glorification of certifications and risk management. The group was subsequently banned from many IRC and sub-Reddit channels and have been snubbed at multiple Pwnie Awards. In spite of this, the group has amassed a huge and loyal following.

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