Host Unknown’s “It’s still Close to Christmas” Competition


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

Our collaboration with the Twist & Shout “Scrooge the CISO” film has gone down a storm, with critics and public claiming it to be “a masterpiece” and “absolute genius” which is quite surprising given our three presenters were involved.

We would like to keep the Christmas spirit alive for a few more weeks however, and so have decided to run a competition where you can win some exclusive and somewhat surprising prizes. The rules are simple:

  1. Watch the film again by clicking on the above image. Feel free to hit refresh multiple times to ensure your true appreciation of our work is counted in terms of views.
  2. Leave a comment exclaiming quite how much you enjoyed it. If you wish you could supply ideas for other films or other activities you think the boys should engage in.
  3. You agree to send us photos of yourself with the prizes if you win. We reserve the right to edit and/or modify them as we see fit.

On Friday 23rd January at 12:00hrs GMT we will pick three lucky winners to win one of of the following prizes each:

Thom’s T-Shirt and glasses from the shoot, as well as a one of it’s kind signed photograph!


Javvad’s actual beard! (How else do you think he keeps it so tidy?)


And finally, the inspiration behind Andy’s incredible acting skills, personally autographed by the man himself!


Don’t delay, start viewing and commenting now! And remember, you can comment as much as you like, there is no limit to your imaginations and the boy’s egos.

9 thoughts on “Host Unknown’s “It’s still Close to Christmas” Competition

  1. I cried with laughter. I trembled with awe. I shivered deliciously at Thom’s masterful 80s persona. I swooned at Javvad’s commanding tech support interaction. I envied Andy’s burqua, just the thing for the post-Xmas binge disguise.
    And I now remember where I left that USB stick with the “not for publication” selfies…..will pay to retrieve….!

  2. I am hereby exclaiming quite how much I enjoyed it. And I’d love that Frankie T. Hopefully it’ll be dry cleaned first.
    How about something to do with negotiating tactics Panto style:
    Business “we’re going live”.
    Security “on no you’re not”.
    Business “oh yes we are”
    – you get the idea.

  3. After looking at reviews left on other videos I’ve realised the purpose of comments is not to give praise to the video but instead insult and deride its quality to berate the producers and sometimes even call into question the sexuality of the persons involved and so, in that tradition, I’ll update my reviews:

    Its crap.

      • Am I daft enough to reply to this and have my address in the public comments? Nearly!

        On 27 January 2015 at 13:31, HostUnknownTV wrote:

        > hostunknowntv commented: “Congratulations! You are a winner. Give us > your postal address and we will send you your exclusive prize as soon as we > can!”

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