Welcome, to HOST UNKNOWN!

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Three security professionals grab a camera and take a peek behind the industry curtain to answer the most pressing issues

Whilst companies spend their time in the clouds, these brave men focus on what really matters; like which vendor has the coolest swag.

LONDON, UK. — Oct. 11, 2013 — Host Unknown, a pioneering, visionary information security show, puts the spotlight on the information security lifestyle rather than technology, and personalities rather than actual knowledge. The presenters look at real world information security issues in a unique and humorous way, and bring their inimitable opinions to the audience. With challenges, features and interviews the show is an enjoyable view of the industry. (Editor – that was what the brief was, not sure it was actually what happened.)

Prior to release, the show has already garnered some level of notoriety as ego’s have begun to run wild with each presenter claiming ownership of the original idea. Thom recalls the meeting in “a lovely gastro pub overlooking the Thames and the O2 Dome”, Javvad recalls his coming up with the idea over a curry, and Andrew is convinced the idea was bought up by him at a chicken shack on the Mile End road. The little jokes and insults you may often see them throwing at each other in front of the camera or on social media are of course for comic effect. Honestly.

When there is enough money in the kitty, Host Unknown works in conjunction with the world renowned Twist & Shout to produce it’s studio shows. You will also see a certain amount of self filmed and produced work as the team attend different conferences and events. In between takes each one of them is so intent on producing their best work that you rarely see them even talking to each other; they are that committed to this project. Leading one industry observer to comment, “These guys are like the method actors of our industry. While some vendors tackle issues of the cloud, these guys literally are as high as a kite.”

Javvad leads a jet-set lifestyle and can usually be found at most conferences with his camera, but Thom and Andy  are open to sponsorship deals to get them to conferences and events in return for dedicating spots for vendors. For events closer to home, the three can be invited as a panel to discuss most topics related to information security and almost every topic outside of it. We anticipate event organizers to be queuing up around the block in order to gain the kudos that will be associated with having the Host Unknown crew present. Interested parties may get in touch via contact@hostunknown.tv or head over to hostunknown.tv for more information and the opportunity to take advantage of this once in a lifetime experience.

About Host Unknown

The true founder is up for debate, so we’ll say it was co-founded by three information security veterans. Headquartered in London, United Kingdom the company is backed by their loving mothers. For more information about Host Unknown visit hostunknown.tv

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